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Have you met beego?

If you have not seen BeeGo yet on the streets chances that you are new to Coimbatore are very high. BeeGo straddles throughout the city day in and day out delivering smiles one after the other. BeeGo is our chief delivery officer, our Nano in chief, your friend who ensures every delivery meets the highest set of standards that we have set.

In line with our series on sharing to the world why we do things the way we do, this blog will speak about why we chose Nano of all cars for delivery?

  • Make in India: As any other startup, we are fiercely proud of products that are built in India. These products are a reflection of our entrepreneurial spirit to the rest of the world. Nano is our automotive icon that has got international recognition since the day the car was announced. It’s our way of lending our hand to the startup ecosystem.
  • Ground clearance: How many times has a cake been delivered to you that has been damaged on the sides and the general reason cited is the bad road conditions. Nano has an SUV like ground clearance of 180mm which reduces the possibility of the cars scraping against speed breakers as well as our crater sized potholes. End Result: Your cake comes intact
  • Compactness: Of all things that has been said about the Nano, the first and foremost thing has been that it is a city car. A car that can be used to squeeze through the heavy traffic in the city due to its compact dimensions. End Result: Your cakes comes on time 
  • Height & Interior Space: Most of the cake shops where you order wedding cakes or cakes for big occasions refute the responsibility of delivering it. We are not one of them. Reason: Our Nano is one of the tallest cars in the business and although it may look compact from outside, it is enormous interior space. You need to sit in one to believe it.  End Result: We deliver all orders irrespective of however big or tall the cake maybe. 
  • Best AC in its class: During summers, most of the fresh cream cakes are delivered watery as all fresh cream cakes need to be maintained at a certain temperature. We at CakeBee believe that every cake should be delivered at the optimum temperature. To ensure that it is done, every cake is packed in a special box surrounded by chill packs to ensure the cake is fresh. In addition to this, the super powerful AC of Nano works it’s magic to protect the cakes from the harsh effects of ever-rising summer temperatures. End Result: The freshest cakes delivered to your doorstep

I am sure the good folks at Tata motors are going to enjoy this blog more than even we did writing this.  Every decision that we make is based on a lot of research to ensure that every cake that is delivered meets your expectations. Watch out for BeeGo during your daily commutes. To have a more up-close experience with BeeGo, you can order online and watch him deliver cakes to your doorstep.

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